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Wii Brasil is an independent gaming website. Its mission is to inform the Brazilian public about matters related to Nintendo's platforms, between consoles and handheld systems, and the electronic entertainment industry as a whole.

Founded in 2006, our page grew with support from a dedicated base of users and today it is one of the biggest references in terms of Nintendo in Brazil. The website's currently the only Brazilian address on the internet with reviews considered relevant by the aggregated scores portal Metacritic.

Our partner site is PS3 Brasil.

Within our domain, we offer different kinds of content. Among those are:

  • Daily news touching current subjects of discussion in the industry and the newest games and systems;
  • Reviews criticizing games we've played that provoke healthy discussions between our visitors and regular users;
  • Opinion pieces about the most pressing subjects in the industry;
  • Previews with information about not yet released software and hardware.

We at Wii Brasil reserve all intellectual property rights related to the content published within our domain. Our content may not be published without the proper credits. For that reason, we never publish content from other websites without mentioning the proper source for such content.

Wii Brasil isn't in any way affiliated with Nintendo Co., Ltd, Nintendo of America, Incorporated, Nintendo of Europe, or any other Nintendo subsidiary. We are not a technical support or troubleshooting website, and as such do not offer those services.


editorial staff
  • Allan Rafael Bandini - Editor-in-Chief
  • Ivan Nikolai Barkow Castilho - Editor-in-Chief
  • Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe - Editor-in-Chief
  • Adriano Benedito Pasquini - Editor
  • André Brandi - Editor
  • Caio Teixeira Brandão - Editor
  • Carlos Alves Netto - Columnist
  • Eduardo Imagawa - Newsposter
  • Guilherme Augusto Viana Brito - Editor
  • Guilherme Costa - Newsposter
  • Gustavo Vitor Barbosa Bomfim - Editor
  • Matheus Falqueiro Bertolasi - Editor
  • Nícolas Andréas Cardoso Martins Ferreira - Editor
  • Renato Innocenti - Columnist
  • Rodrigo de Sousa Trindade - Editor
  • Thales Nunes Moreira - Editor
  • Thiago de Alencar Moura - Editor
  • Vinicius Aleixo Moreira - Columnist
  • Vinicius Munhoz - Editor




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